Inspirational Stories
Living with diabetes isn't always easy, but it need not define or limit you. Meet people who are facing diabetes head on and coming out winners.
OTD Salutes Quinn Nystrom, the Patron Saint of Affordable Insulin
The OTD interview with insulin affordability advocate Quinn Nystrom. The #Insulin4All movement gains speed as Sen. Bernie Sanders gets on board.
Beyond Blood Sugar: How My Smartwatch Helps Me Manage My Diabetes
A type 1 diabetic explains how he utilizes his smartwatch to help him manage his diabetes.
Daniele Hargenrader Knows the Secret to Changing a Bad Relationship with Food and Exercise
Meet the Diabetes Dominator: Daniele Hargenrader is a type 1 author, nutritionist, speaker, diabetes coach and certified personal trainer. Her 6-pillar system has helped legions of people stop self-destructive eating behavior to go on to live better with diabetes. Prepared to be inspired to make lasting changes.
Diabetes Cure: A Researcher with Type 1 Works to Understand the Cause of the Disease As a Way to Cure It
Diabetes researcher Thomas Delong lives with type 1 diabetes. His work to understand what triggers the disease may pave the way to preventing it from developing in the first place. Learn more about his fascinating research.
Managing Type 1 Diabetes: Stories and Tips from Those Who Are Type 1 of a Kind
Need help with the management of type 1 diabetes? Find inspirational stories and tips on balancing blood sugar levels and controlling diabetes symptoms here.
Type 1 Diabetes Can't Stop This Athletic 11-Year-Old from Pursuing Her Dreams
11-Year-old Allie doesn't let type 1 diabetes stop her. This summer, Allie will live and play with other kids with type 1 from July 31 to August 4 at the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp, thanks to winning a scholarship the camp gifted to OnTrack Diabetes.
Hiker with Type 1 Takes on the Appalachian Trail
Cat Pugh, a 23-year-old with type 1 diabetes, will set out this month to tackle the Appalachian Trail with hopes of hiking 2,190 miles from Georgia to Maine. Join her journey as she post regular updates from the trail. #CatHikes
Eric & Peety: A True Story of Healing, Inspiration and Reversing Type 2 Diabetes
At 330 pounds, Eric O'Grey had tried every diet, including Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, and Nutrisystem. He'd lose some weight, only to regain it all back and then some. But life took an interesting turn for O'Grey after a visit to a naturopathic doctor and a local dog shelter.