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Prediabetes Predicament: When Eating Right and Exercising A Lot Doesn't Show Up on the Scale

pre diabetes predicament: weight loss is soon hardIn spite of rigorous, daily exercise and a balanced diet, the stubborn scale wasn't giving me the results I was desperately hoping for.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and a lot has happened with my health.  

One would think that given my knowledge of food and all of my healthy eating I would've stumbled upon the right diet for me and my prediabetes. Well, read on….

In my previous posts, you may have read that I rebelled with junk food once my A1C numbers didn’t lower after an even more stringently low carb diet and increased amount of exercise.

It took some time but eventually, I accepted that I might not have control over these numbers but it was O.K. because I was feeling healthy and happy with the way I looked. I continued to eat well and exercise and life all was good but only for a few months.

Slowly but surely, I started noticing something strange. Even with all my diet and exercise, my pants weren’t fitting. What the heck???? I was moving A LOT, feeling good about my eating habits and at my last checkup at the endo, my A1C was still at a steady 5.8. It didn't make sense. Just as I began accepting that my prediabetes number might not be fully in my control, it seemed as though I was losing control of my weight. Help!!!!

Would My Doc Have the Answer?

I went back to the endocrinologist and lamented about my weight gain. I had read that low thyroid levels could cause weight gain. Was that the culprit? 

He took my labs and said that not only was I not on too low a dose but that my dose was too high and I’d have to lower it! 

Fearing obesity, I panicked as fewer and fewer pairs of my blue jeans fit me as the months wore on. I had gained 15 pounds! I knew I had to do something serious so when I saw an advertisement at my local YMCA for a New Year’s fitness challenge for 12 weeks, I was all in. I would be forced to work out for at least an hour every day in addition to eating healthfully. I’m good with committing so I looked forward to watching the pounds finally shed away.

My dog became my workout partner. She needed to be walked of course and I considered daily dog walking to be compliant with my program.

I also incorporated Zumba and boot camp into my plan and even hired a personal trainer to do weights with me.

Over in the kitchen, it was clean eating for me! Tons of veggies, a few grains, and absolutely no sugar. I was excited for my first weigh in.

The Moment of Truth

Finally, it was weigh-in time. I did what I usually do before I stepped on the scale; I stripped off the outside layers and left on just enough clothes to pass for appropriate in a private room with a trainer at a YMCA. I even made a point not to wear earrings! I stepped on the scale and was shocked at what I saw. Not only had I not lost any weight, but I gained a pound! Ok, maybe my body was getting adjusted that first week. 


It happened every single week! I never lost a pound from my original weight and gained a pound some weeks. 

Then something I read on Dr. Phil Agrios's website came into my mind (he's the best selling author of Life’s One Law: Natures Blueprint for Repeatable Success in Life and Business and a guru of mine): 

“ If you really want to know if you will ever be healthy, look at the people who are in your life. Do they support your present-day health condition or do they encourage you to change? It’s your choice who you allow to support you”.


“The true reason you have not let go of old habits is that you have not made a decision to do so and reinforced it with enough self-love.”

I thought about this a lot and realized that Dr. Philip's points were not my problem. No one was sabotaging my efforts and I did indeed love myself and have the support I thought I needed from within. And I felt I had plenty of support from friends and family, too. 

But maybe I was the one who was standing in my own way. I felt so out of control and discouraged from the lack of results that I started to fall off the exercise wagon. I still continued to eat well, but I was only exercising 2-3 days a week. My elevated weight stayed the same. 

Perhaps the problem was related to menopause. I considered the possibility that I was too thin before and my body needed to gain weight. The reason didn’t matter. All I knew was that my clothes were feeling really tight and uncomfortable and I was afraid of it getting worse.

Since my efforts to control my body were backfiring so significantly, I started getting used to the idea of being 2 sizes bigger—accepting my new body as a result of what happens with age and feeling glad that at least my sugar levels were stable. 

And that’s why I was in for a big surprise when I went to the Endocrinologist for a fasting blood work test….

To see what happened at the appointment, check in on my next blog post.

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