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Do I Have to Kiss Carbs Goodbye?

In my last blog post, I told of how after a year and a half of healthy eating and exercise I was diagnosed as being two A1c points away from having pre-diabetes. Oh, the shock! I was PISSED! How else was I supposed to take this in? Was there no justice in the world? No rewards for all my hard work of eating well and exercising? My successful deprivation of processed foods and even wholesome honey and maple syrup?

I’m a woman of action so knew I had to do something. I needed to feel in control of this situation that I still could not believe was real.

alma schneider and prediabetesAlma prepares a favorite dish: root vegetables with tahini sauce and almonds.

I decided to remedy this mistake of carb-eating immediately; I eliminated most of the fruit from my diet, fresh and dried. I limited even the healthy carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes and butternut squash to fewer than five servings a day. I even insisted to my endocrinologist, whom I see for thyroid issues, that he take my blood again since it was three months past when I had seen my general practitioner who had delivered the bad news in the first place.

My endocrinologist poo-pooed the whole thing. He said that I was very healthy, that he would not have even mentioned those results to me so as not to alarm me. I was not even in the official realm of pre-diabetes with an A1c of 5.5 so why even bother getting concerned? He humored me, however and took my blood. He told me to simply eat as I had been all year and not worry myself with these numbers as I was thin, eating healthy and was exercising.

Phew! I knew it had been nothing! I wish I hadn’t known those dang numbers in the first place.  Senseless worrying. I went home, told my husband and breathed a sigh of relief. That is, until I got the call.

I saw my endocrinologist’s name pop up on my phone. What the heck? Why was he calling me? We had a new patient portal that we could tap into online if we wanted our results. My heart sank a little as I picked up the phone.

He proceeded to tell me that he didn’t want me to go online to the portal and get worried so he was calling me instead. My A1c numbers had actually gone up to 5.7, the low end of the official prediabetes range.

Oh. My. God.

He said it was still not that big a deal but because it was now in that range, maybe I should start paying attention to the number of carb servings I have each day, maybe no more than two servings of fruit a day and no more than six healthy carb servings total. I should make sure to exercise more.

So now two doctors were telling me this was real. That was my second opinion. I felt nauseated, panicked and light headed. How could this happen to me? I did not need this. I felt like I had already paid my health dues in this lifetime with thyroid cancer. I have always been careful to go to all my check-ups since both my parents passed away in their 60s due to colon and lung cancer, which was stressful enough. I have a child with Prader Willi Syndrome which requires constant vigilance when it comes to all aspects of life, especially food. I also did not need the added aggravation of limiting or being mindful of even more food restrictions when I had to cook for 7 people in my house. This was really scary and I felt overwhelmed and hopeless. 

I felt like I had no control, but did I? I would have to get very specific with the food I was eating, my family menus, the amount of exercise that I was actually doing and my stress levels. I needed to take back my health.

Stay tuned for how I fine tuned my lifestyle as I entered my next stages of dealing with prediabetes.


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