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David Mordey

Commercial Fleet Administrator
Collingwood Insurance Services, Ltd
SND, United Kingdom

About David Mordey

I'm 30 years old (just), from the coastal city of Sunderland, in the North East of England. A stereotypical 30 year old in many respects, 2 kids, engaged to be married, but cant do that until we buy a larger home, which is dependent on the current one selling, weekends consistently ruined by my teams poor Football (soccer) results. With my body not content with 'temperamental' knees, and back, in January 2013, nature threw Type 1 diabetes at me. One thing I have noticed since diagnosis, is a lot of people are self-diagnosed experts on the condition, and take a lot of pride in telling me what I can, and cannot do. For example, I live 10 miles from the start, and finish line, of the world’s biggest, and best half marathon event (13.1 miles), The Great North Run. Following the 2013 event, a 'friend' of mine kindly informed me why I will never be able to compete in this event. So, after years of not taking part in this run, with no excuse not to do so, I have decided to prove to myself, and anyone who doesn't already know, that Diabetes, is not as debilitating as people think, and we can live a life, just as fulfilling as anyone else. I am now signed up to run The Great North Run, in 2014, in aid of my designated charity, Diabetes UK.

This blog, will be used as more of diary for the next year, giving an insight into my experiences in training for this colossal event, as a Type 1 Diabetic, (who has a record distance of 3k under my belt, 15 years ago), into my training regimes, the highs and lows (literally), the challenges ahead, the sharing of best practice, and most importantly, sharing the victories, however large or small. Subscribe to my blog, share it with friends, check out my Just Giving site (link to be posted on each and every entry), and help to raise maximum awareness and donations for such a worthy cause!

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